Our Story

If you take the time to delve into the dusty old books in the Haughton Stotts’ archives, you find a captivating history of the development of inner city Melbourne. This history can be traced through the progress of the businesses of 2 real estate agents: Haughton and Stott.

As early as 1901, Stott & Basting was established as a real estate agency in metropolitan Melbourne. Their office at 203 High Street, Northcote has been part of the Stott real estate business ever since. In fact, it is still in use as our Northcote office today.

Stott & Basting real estate developed through the ups and downs of the early 20th century and by the 1920s they had become key estate agents and auctioneers in the Northcote area. The business became Stott Son & Watson around 1924 and by the end of 1925 they had additional offices in Thornbury, Preston and Fairfield Park.

As Melbourne grew, Stott’s real estate business also changed. In the 1920s, Stott Son & Watson saw the opportunity to provide further real estate services in the Northcote area. Throughout the twenties, the Stott business worked to develop new subdivisions for residential areas in the growing suburbs north of the inner city. As one advertising feature claimed: “Stott Son & Watson: No investment more secure. Auctioneer & subdivisional experts”.

In the early 1900s, Edward Haughton had also established a real estate business in central Melbourne. With an office in the heart of the Central Business District at 79 Swanston Street, Haughton’s business operated throughout the growing inner metropolitan area. By the 1920s, Coghill & Haughton real estate business also had offices operating out of Heidelberg and Canterbury.

It was during the 1920s that the names of Haughton and Stott are first seen together. In 1922, advertising posters for properties in the Northcote area list Stott & Bastings working in conjunction with Coghill & Haughton in the sale of a major property. This working relationship continued. Five years later, Coghill & Haughton are listed as the auctioneers for Oakover Estate in south Preston – Coburg with Stott Son & Watson acting as the local agents. In bringing together the sharp auctioneering skills of Haughton’s inner CBD office and the local knowledge of Stott Son & Watson’s team, the 2 businesses worked to bring about the best result for the sale of these estate properties.

Throughout the course of the following 70 years, their businesses continued to provide real estate services in the metropolitan area. Each developed a name within the real estate industry that was admired and respected. It was not until 1998 that the names of Haughton Stott were brought together again. When these 2 businesses merged, the strengths of 2 long standing local estate agents were brought together in one firm at Haughton Stotts.

Being such a fundamental part of Melbourne’s real estate history has taught us a lot about the way people seek and purchase property. By choosing us to sell, lease or maintain your property, you’re investing in the kind of service and support that has constatly brought us success for over a century. Our focus on experienced agents with good local knowledge has brought together a team of highly skilled professional agents. It’s a combination of strength, distribution and networking that make Haughton Stotts the ideal service to make your property shine and get you effective results.

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